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imaging analysis for the gastrointestinal tract


Motilent is a technology startup focused on delivering innovative services for the quantitative investigation of the gut.

How do we work?


Motilent produces results to meet your needs:

Option 1.

Basic result files to use within your DICOM browser containing the parametric data of interest to your study.

Option 2.

Motilent data file containing extended additional information for advanced assessment of GI function with the Motilent Viewer.

Option 3.

Full Motilent analysis - all you get is the result with all of the analysis performed in-house by Motilent technicians.


About us


Motilent is a medical imaging technology company that aims to make some of the latest and most exciting image analysis technologies available to the researchers who can use them to make the important scientific advances required to advance our understanding of gastrointestinal disease.

Founded by Dr. Alex Menys, Motilent has placed the identification of added value through imaging at the centre of its strategy. We still know so little about the GI tract however, through engaging and supporting the academic community we plan to catalyse the breakthrough of new technology to address a poorly served area of healthcare.


A growing number of researchers are using Motilent technology to provide quantitative end points in their studies.


Motilent core technology


As Motilent grows, new technologies will be offered to enhance the value of imaging in research. So far, we have a strong focus on motility analysis with each technique having a strong, transparent and well validated background to ensure that your study conforms to the highest technical standards.



GIQuant us used for small and large bowel motility quantification.


DRAM combines GIQuant with respiration correction for extended dynamic data sets.


RDDR removes respiratory motion from DCE data.


Who do we work with?

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Motilent has developed a range of methods to support academic research ranging from assistance in study planning to straight-froward data processing as a service. Your success as a researcher is important to us and we will help wherever we can to ensure you get the most from your study.  

Motilent brings together expertise from some of Europe's key opinion leaders in the field of quantitative GI research. Together with Motilent technology we can assist in the development and execution of powerful and elegant investigations to support drug development.

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Motilent's goal is to turn our range of powerful techniques into the next generation of affordable, widely available and informative diagnostic tests. We want to hear from you if you have a vision for how imaging might better used to identify, triage and treat patients.


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