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Images processed for a growing number of researchers are using Motilent technology to provide quantitate end points in their studies.


Research projects across the EU and US.

Motilent's technology allows us quantify bowel motility across a range of gastrointestinal diseases. I have used this technology in my research now for several years and we have found it easy to use, allowing us to measure novel parameters from standard MRI examinations for the first time. The research to date is extremely promising and it’s going to be interesting to see how this innovative technology impacts decision making in the clinic

Professor Robin Spiller, University of Nottingham


Produces motility maps for the small bowel stomach and colon as well as deformation fields for automated ROI propagation.

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  • We quantify medical (MRI) images of the bowel with our algorithm GIQuant®
  • Entrolyics will be a collaborative ‘home’ for imaging studies of the digestive system
  • High motility score in healthy bowel
  • Low motility score in diseased bowel


Motilent’s analysis method for assessing bowel contractility, used in conjunction with the outputs from GIQuant.

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  • STMM to assess gastric motility
  • Spatio-temporal map of gastric motility


Respiratory motion correction in time-series data.

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  • Free breathing abdominal data
  • The same data with respiratory motion correction preserving small bowel motility
  • Sagittal data of the ascending colon with free breathing
  • The same data with respiratory motion correction preserving flow through the lumen


Motilent’s data handling solution for transferring DICOM data and providing cloud based tools for advanced analysis of GI data.

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  • Entrolyics is your collaborative ‘home’ for imaging studies of the digestive system.